Compressors Glasgow: A Brief Guide

Compressors Glasgow: A Brief Guide

Compressors are pieces of equipment which come in multiple types, providing numerous purposes. They are commonly seen used throughout the refrigeration industry; however, they can also be bought/rented for home decoration purposes and pipework. It is beneficial to have some knowledge on the 3 major types of compressors and what they do, as well as an overall understanding of what this equipment specifically provides. Before shopping for compressors in Glasgow, here is what you should know:

What Are Compressors Used For?

Compressors are often used in refrigeration, and their main purpose is to circulate the system under pressure which will eventually help concentrate the heat that is contained within it. However, they can also be used to provide air, to power air equipment like paint spraying, air conditioning units and to push gas through pipelines. They can range in sizes depending on what they are being used for. A lot of companies will sell compressors in Glasgow for businesses and different industries, but you can also rent a compressor for your own personal use.

Home Uses

Using an air compressor at home is not uncommon, in fact, it can quicken the process of many tasks. Here are some ways you can use a compressor at home:

  • Inflating
  • Spray painting walls/objects
  • Pressure washing items, gardens, patios
  • Weeding
  • Cleaning tough electronics that can not be in contact with water or disinfectant.

If you are wishing to use an air compressor for home use, it is important to research or talk to a professional on what you are using it for, as well as how much time you need it for, and what your budget it. It is best to rent a compressor out for 2-3 days and complete all household tasks in this time. You will rarely have to repeat this regularly.

3 Main Types Of Compressor

Reciprocating Compressor

This is the most common type of compressor, they are often found in smaller projects like home construction, and sometimes are used in garages. Reciprocating compressors are often used to move gas, using increased amounts of pressure.

Rotary Screw Compressor

This type of compressor is the easiest to maintain. They come with a built-in cooling system which means they do not need a lot of maintenance to keep operational. They are often one of the larger compressors and can be found in larger projects. These compressors can come with oil or oil-free options.

Dynamic Compressor

Dynamic compressors are large pieces of equipment. They carry the purpose of rapidly rotating, which quickens the air as it passes through the mechanisms and elements. This compressor is constantly at high volume and aids ventilation.

Final Words

Compressors are essential pieces of equipment that can provide many abilities for multiple industries. It is best to do some research and/or talk to a professional regarding the type of compressor that you are in need of, as well as what you plan on using it for. They can guide you with this decision. Shop for compressors in Glasgow today!