Glasgow Skin Clinic | How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Work

Glasgow Skin Clinic | How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Work

If you are struggling to keep on top of a good skin care routine due to the time you spend at work, it may be worth consulting a Glasgow Skin Clinic. Whether you have just visited them and want to keep that radiant glow, or whether you are looking for some ways to try and prevent further damage happening to your skin, this article is for you.

We have gathered some of the best tips for keeping your skin hydrated and soft throughout the working day. Furthermore, we’ve recommended where you can find a Glasgow Skin Clinic who can consult you and help turn back the time on some of the issues that might have come up for you.

Stay Hydrated

A tip that always comes up when talking about skin care is to drink more water. It may be starting to get annoying but it is true! Keep skin hydrated and you will less likely to have dry or irritated patches, and will feel better in general.

Try Not To Wear Makeup

Although it gives all of us the boost of confidence we feel we need, we really don’t need it. Especially in a work environment, makeup only makes skin conditions worse by clogging pores. Combine that with the AC and you are looking at a big increase in breakouts.

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Take Breaks From The Air Conditioning

That said, make sure to get out the office a couple of times a day to get away from the drying AC. This doesn’t mean go for a cigarette break though, as this can damage your skin so much more!

Keep A Hydrating Oil Or Moisturiser On Your Desk

Keeping an oil within arm’s reach throughout your day at work will undoubtedly make you more likely to use it, perfect for those of us who forget to moisturise in the morning before we leave for work.

Lower Your Intake Of Coffee/Caffeinated Drinks

For many reasons, we should all lower our intake of coffee and caffeinated beverages. They are not good for our heart and they are certainly not good for our skin.

Wear A Moisturiser With An SPF

Even if you are working inside, UVA rays still penetrate glass windows. Make sure that your moisturiser has an SPF so that you never have to worry about being protected.

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Visit A Glasgow Skin Clinic

If you cannot find a fix for your skin, or the damage already done is irreversible or affecting your confidence, then visiting a Glasgow skin clinic is a great idea. Dr Darren McKeown in Glasgow is one of the leaders in aesthetic medicine and will work with you to find the treatment that is right for you.