Job Interviews: Some Unorthodox Tips for Your Interview Preparation

Job Interviews: Some Unorthodox Tips for Your Interview Preparation

Getting a job interview is exciting. But along with this excitement comes nervousness. It doesn’t matter how many job interviews you have been through, the nerves seem to always be there. The best way to settle these nerves is to do your preparation. Most people will give you the same standard advice – be calm, smile etc. Here is some advice that you may have not been given before to get you on your way:

Look in to Quarterly Reports, Earning Calls & Blog Posts

Most people will look in to the company that they are interviewing for – or at least they should be. But sometimes this doesn’t go any deeper than a couple articles or looking at their website. It’s very easy to look in to a company’s finances and what they’ve been blogging about. This will prepare you to give more detailed, tailored answers than other candidates.

Google Alerts is a Great Tool

One way to stay informed about the company that is interviewing you is through looking if they are in the news. But this can be time consuming and if you have multiple interviews with multiple companies then it can be hard to keep track. Google has a tool that will give you a notification when a tagged company is in a news story. Making it much easier for you to stay up-to-date.

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Clean Out Social Media

We live in a social media world. Most people have it, and companies have realised it’s a great way of seeing what a person is really like. They will delve in to your social media beforehand. Use a social media cleaning tool (there are multiple out there) to get rid of any unfavourable content that you may have posted down the years.

Tuesday, 10:30AM

Did you know that research has gone in to the optimal time for an interview? The results were that a Tuesday at 10:30 in the morning was the best time for the interviewee. This is because it isn’t at the start/end of the week, its well before lunch and it is fairly early in the work day. So try and schedule your interview for this time.

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Build Your Story

All interviews include a section were the interview will ask you about yourself. Whether that be your upbringing, education or something else. Most people will respond with same boring answers that don’t make them stand out. If you build your story beforehand and include things like the feelings that you felt about completing college or something along those lines then you will be much more memorable.

Job Interviews: Stand Out Fashion

A great way to be remembered is through your appearance. While you should dress in a professional way, include a personal touch that could be a talking point for the interviewer. This could be a wristband or badge. It will make you stand out in a room full of suits.