Men’s Grooming Industry Booming

Men’s Grooming Industry Booming

The modern man it appears has taken an interest in caring for themselves in new ways, thanks to the growing number of products and services that specifically cater to men.  There are numerous skin, hair and body products on the market that aim to provide the same level of care that women’s products offer, but for men.

Sizable Industry And Growing

The global male grooming industry is expected to hit $81 billion by 2024.  It is being driven by numerous factors like technology and awareness among men about looking good and feeling great.

Men Need Different Care

It goes without saying that men are built differently than women, and because of this they have very different needs when it comes to hair and skincare.  In general, men have tougher and oilier skin than women, so skincare products have to be formulated differently in order to complement this trait. 


On top of this difference in skin type, many men also have to shave their facial hair.  This means that a face moisturiser for example also has to take this into account and not irritate the skin in any way.


Many men are becoming more aware of their appearance and general state of their skin and hair.   They are not just limited to a bar of soap and musky fragrances any more, they are now leaning towards the use of creams, scrubs and cleansers especially designed for them.

New Age Businesses

One thing that is really helping the men’s grooming marketplace is the arrival of new, dedicated companies for men.  This means that it is not just the industry big players that have a say in the market.  Smaller and more focused companies are starting to take market share away from big brands and this trend is on the rise.  Existing skincare companies are starting to realise this trend and are desperately trying to secure their place in the market.