Rare Whiskies | How To Invest In Rare Whisky

Rare Whiskies | How To Invest In Rare Whisky

If you are a keen investor, rare whiskies are the next big thing. They can be acquired in many different ways. Or you can invest directly in whisky or spirits companies. Whisky has vastly increased in value over the last while, as can be seen from the 50-year-old bottle of single malt Macallan that sold in 2017 for over £65,000. The most expensive whisky ever sold went for $460,000 at an auction in America, a bottle of 64-year-old Macallan in an original Lalique crystal decanter.

The proof is there that whisky is valuable, so get involved. Find out now how to invest in rare whiskies today.

Buy Rare Whiskies At Auction

The first option is to go to whisky auctions and try to snap yourself up some rare whiskies that will appreciate in value over the coming years. The old and rare whiskies will sell for the most so find something rare that is not too old, and hold on to it. Glasgow was one of the first cities to hold a standalone whisky auction 15 years ago, so it may be best to look locally and see what you can find. Whisky auctions are definitely a growing market.

Rare Whiskies

Buy Direct Online

Another option is to buy rare whiskies online. Sites like The Rare Malt Whisky Company have a great selection of old and rare whiskies from across the different whisky-producing regions of Scotland. Have a look through their collection. They have a vast selection that ranges from very affordable to the more old and rare.

Via The Stock Exchange

Another option for investors is to visit the stock exchange. This can be through a whisky investment fund, of which there are now more than ever. Or you can choose to invest directly in a company such as Diageo, who own a wide range of spirits companies. Both options are guaranteed to give you some return on your investment. This is due to the ever-growing popularity of whisky.

Rare Whiskies

Check Your Drinks Cabinet

The last option is to check you don’t already have rare whiskies. If you have received limited edition whiskies and you still have the box, get it valued. Especially if the line has been discontinued. The best plan is to have your whisky valued, and then sit on it until the time is right.
If you do find out that you are the owner of rare whiskies, be sure to keep them upright and keep both the bottle and the box in good condition. This will only further increase the value.

Good luck!