Taking A Day 2 Test At Heathrow Airport

Taking A Day 2 Test At Heathrow Airport

On my recent travels I had to take a day 2 test at Heathrow airport. I’m going to discuss with you the different parts of my trip and explain why the process was made so easy.

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Travels And Aventures

Whether you are an experienced nomad or you are travelling for the first time, travelling in 2021 can definitely feel daunting and more of a challenge due to the restrictions and changes that have occurred across the world.

On march 22nd 2021 I Booked my holiday to Berlin. At that part Germany’s case numbers were stable but vaccinations were low, so I was travelling there to some degree with a fair dose of cautiousness. I’ve travelled for years across the world to various different countries and different destinations.

Each year I like to mark different countries off my bucket list so I know how many more new destinations I plan to reach in the near future. This year, something in particular which helped facilitate my travel plans was the day 2 test at Heathrow airport. This neat little test made sure I was free from covid symptoms and was a fast and low hassle way of getting tested for coronavirus.

Day 2 test Heathrow airport

My Trip

After my testing at Heathrow and getting through security, I boarded my flight bound for Berlin. There were plenty of health measures on board with everyone wearing masks in addition to hand sanitiser being freely available throughout the plane.

The flight was actually pretty quick, and what was even better was the fact that there was free in-flight entertainment which helped pass the time and make for a more pleasant flight. If you are planning on travelling to Journey anytime soon, I wouldn’t delay getting your day 2 test at Heathrow airport.

Being safe in the knowledge that I was free from the virus was a big relief and made me feel more ease with travel. Some of the benefits that this service offered me were:

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Fast and accurate testing options.
  • Easy to follow procedure and experienced staff.
  • Recognised tests and testing facilities.

Making Better Travel Plans

To make better travel plans for the future, its important that you familiarise yourself where possible with the different options around you and testing facilities available. I would recommend booking your covid tests prior to travelling via the day 2 Heathrow test or alternatively you may wish to book your test in-person when you arrive at the airport.

As with any journeys or trips that you are making, it’s always advisable where possible that you book well in advance. Booking well in advance can help to ensure that you find the right holiday at the right price. It also means that you can prepare adequately for any changes to your plans that my occur due to issues with travel or health restrictions.

Don’t be afraid to travel slightly further afield, but be sure to do some research into the coronavirus restrictions/cases in the areas you are visiting as well as the transport options available to get you there.