The Benefits Of On-Site Nitrogen For Businesses

As a health and environmental community, we are consistently asking the question: Is on-site nitrogen filling important? The bottom line is that there are many benefits for businesses that have access to nitrogen that is generated on-site. Nitrogen production on-site using a nitrogen generator reduces costs and provides protection against supply shortages.


A Little Bit About Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an essential component of fertilizers and the byproducts that result from those fertilizers cannot be stored. When the supply of nitrogen diminishes, the byproducts, known as nitrates, are released into the environment and can do harm. In addition, the pollution caused by nitrates has been found to be carcinogenic in some studies.

The question often asked is how businesses could benefit from on-site nitrogen generation without having to rely on expensive nitrogen generators. The answer is that businesses should invest in a small portable nitrogen generator. These devices are designed to provide the same purity of the air that would be produced by a nitric oxide generator, but they are smaller and easier to transport. Also, they are more affordable than the nitrous oxide generators that many businesses use. The portable devices are available in different sizes and cost levels and should be purchased by businesses to meet the needs of their specific applications.

What Are Nitrogen Generators?

Nitrogen generators are used in on-site applications for two primary reasons: for the prevention of the emission of toxic gasses during the production of ammonia, sulfate, and nitrate chemicals, and for the purification of industrial effluent. In the case of ammonia, these gasses are released during the crushing of raw materials, which occur during the processing of petroleum products for fertilizers. For sulfuric gasses, these emissions are created during the oxidation of biodegradable material such as sewage sludge at wastewater treatment plants. Both of these processes produce an environmental hazard that should be avoided by businesses through the efficient generation of nitrogen.

There are two types of Nitrogen generators, the stationary type and the mobile. The stationary generator requires an external power source such as a battery and a generator. You can get these units in three different purity levels, Low, Medium, and High. The low and medium purity models produce higher wattage outputs than the High model. The high purity model output a lot more wattage, but are less powerful, and the mobile models will power any sized mobile device.

Aside from protecting the environment, another reason why businesses should use nitrogen generation equipment is to reduce the costs of operations. This is because high levels of nitrogen can reduce the effective power of air compression systems. High-pressure swing adsorption has been proven to be a highly effective way of capturing excess nitrogen in a closed valve or in the fluid that circulates within the air filter of the HVAC system. Nitrogen, which has low solubility, is easier to remove from the air than other gases. High-pressure swing adsorption uses this capability of the airflow machine to eliminate excess nitrogen in the air that can result in costly replacement of air filters or other HVAC components.

In addition, some manufacturers use nitrogen in the production of their products. Some of the products that are made with this highly effective gas come in high quality and competitive prices.


The Benefits of On Site Nitrogen

There are several benefits that can come from nitrogen generation systems. Many businesses choose to have these on-site systems installed to enhance the level of cleanliness and purity of the air that they are breathing on a daily basis. Nitrogen is also considered to be one of the most highly efficient gases to use because it possesses the best solubility properties. While there are other ways of purifying the air on a commercial level, the gas possesses the best characteristics for purification when it comes to the air quality and purity in the atmosphere of commercial facilities. It is no wonder why so many manufacturers choose to use on-site Nitrogen systems for all their industrial purposes.