Top Tips For Driving In Cold Weather

Top Tips For Driving In Cold Weather

Winter is here, and with it comes cold temperatures and unpredictable weather.  With temperatures plummeting below zero this week, here at Whysman we have decided that we want to share our top tips to keep you safe and moving this winter.  Make sure you stay prepared with our handy guide.

Check the Health of Your Car

Winter is tough on cars.  There are many components that can break or wear faster in cold temperatures, meaning that winter is usually the time when most break downs happen.  It is also the worst time to have a breakdown, due to the fact that if you become stranded at the side of the road in winter, you can get very cold very quickly.  Common failures on cars include rubber components and wiring, such as hoses, belts, water pumps and spark plug wires.

Get Covered by a Call Out Company

Being covered by the AA or similar service is a very good idea in winter.  If all else fails and you do have a breakdown at the side of the road in cold temperatures, having cover could mean that you are back on the road in a few hours, or at least able to get a tow home or to your destination.  Being covered by someone like the AA however is not a substitute for regular car maintenance, and this should be in addition to getting your car serviced before winter.

Fit Winter Tyres

If you rely on your car to travel during winter, a set of winter tyres can be a good investment.  Even if you live somewhere like the UK where you may only have snow on the roads for a few weeks, it can save you a lot of anguish by having winter tyres ready to go.  The great thing is that you can put your summer tyres back on as soon as the temps start to rise and the possibility of snow decreases, and keep your winter tyres in the garage for next year.