Top Tips to Keep You Productive Whilst Working from Home

Top Tips to Keep You Productive Whilst Working from Home

Since adapting to working from home full time, or hybrid working, it can be difficult to stay productive at home. Here are some top tips to ensure you are staying motivated:

Have A Dedicated Work Area

Have a dedicated workspace does not have to take up a huge portion of your home. This could simply be a desk and a chair situated in a specific room that you only use to work from. This can make your work/life balance a little easier.

Keep Moving

It is important to move around on your work breaks and get outside when possible. Sitting down and indoors for long periods of time, every day, can have a negative impact on your mental health. Make sure you are staying active and get outdoors either before work, on breaks or after work.

Get Dressed

Be sure to wake up at a reasonable time to allow yourself to get dressed out of your pyjamas. This doesn’t necessarily mean a suit and tie attire but ensure to get dressed for the day as it can impact your productivity.

Set A Routine

Setting routines in general can be a huge stress-reliever. It is important to set boundaries and routines to ensure our minds are focused on work during work hours and focused on our personal life outside of work hours. Try to wake up at the same time every-day and give yourself enough time to relax in the morning. When your working day is done, get into the habit of putting your work equipment away and focusing on your life out-with work.

Create a To-Do List

Staying organised is an essential way to ensure we keep our stress levels to a minimum. Especially when working from home, communication can get lost and it is easy to get stressed about deadlines, responsibilities and timeframes. Each morning, try to write out a to-do list that only focuses on that day. Be sure to check tasks off of the list when completed. Take it a day at a time.