Tradesmen Glasgow Are Being Affected By Brexit

Tradesmen Glasgow Are Being Affected By Brexit

Brexit has dragged out for 2 years now, with promises of the end always being broken.  It continues to create distrust and uncertainty across all sectors, and with more calls for further referendums, it is possible that we are not out of the woods yet.

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Jobs Affected For Tradesmen Glasgow

This uncertainty that everyone talks about is serious stuff.  Businesses are slowing operations, pulling back budgets and even laying off staff in some cases.  Companies are hesitant to take any steps towards expansion and are therefore trying to streamline operations and keep spending at an absolute minimum.  This is unfortunately affecting jobs across all sectors, but tradesmen Glasgow are being particularly affected. 

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Current State Of Brexit Affecting Tradesmen Glasgow

The most recent state of Brexit was the pushback of the leaving date to 31 January 2020, after the EU accepted the UK’s request for an extension.  Boris Johnston had originally said that the UK would leave the EU by 31st October “do or die” but like the promises made in the past, this one has been broken as well.


General Election

On top of all this, a general election has been given the royal assent, and a date set for 12th December.  This has come about after concerns over the UK’s political standstill after the 2017 snap election.  This snap election rushed Teressa May into parliament without a working majority, and now Boris Johnston is left with a series of defeated Brexit deals.  This will be the fourth general election in 5 years, and some people are completely losing faith in the UK governments ability not only to complete Brexit, but to run the country altogether. 

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Christmas Time Is Tough For Business and Tradesmen Glasgow

There hasn’t been a general election in December in the UK since 1923, and for good reason.  It is a tough time financially for people and businesses alike, and calling an election at this hour has left a lot of people frustrated.  Not only do they have the uncertainty of Brexit looming over them, but now they have the unknown outcome of yet another general election. 


Public Opinion

When asked about the outcome of leaving the EU on the 31st of October, many small businesses had some interesting things to say.  Even after not leaving on this set date, public opinions have not changed much. 

The Figures

61% of people think Brexit will have a negative effect on the UK economy

11% of people think it will have a positive effect

53% say that there will be no positive outcomes from Brexit

10% believe that there will be less red tape for businesses

64% of businesses have made no preparation for Brexit

19% of businesses have scaled back operations or employment

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Final Thoughts

Whether or not businesses are preparing for Brexit, the majority of people recognise that there are some tangible negative effects that will be felt by businesses and individuals.  For tradesmen Glasgow this means that they will have to be careful and calculated in their operations in the next few years.