Why Use Instagram For Your Marketing Strategy?

Why Use Instagram For Your Marketing Strategy?

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms to exist. It has over one billion active users and is home to many potential marketing tactics. With a platform that is designed for users to showcase their creativeness, and make themselves known, it is the place to be for marketing purposes. Not only is Instagram easy to use, but it is also incredibly cost effective, and when done correctly, can save brands thousands of pounds on their digital strategy. This article will briefly discuss why you should use Instagram as a major factor in your digital marketing.

Customers Will Search For You

Instagram is usually one of the first platforms people go to in order to search for brands and businesses that they like. If customers do not find you on this platform, it can damage their experience and potentially your brand’s visibility and awareness. You want to have an Instagram account that includes your business name, logo, how people can contact you and a call to action to your website. Some content that represents what you stand for is always a key step.

Boost Your Credibility

Being present on social platforms, as well as being proactive online boosts your business’s credibility. Other brands and consumers will view you as legit, reputable, and relevant if you make yourself known online. It is easy to get drowned out by competition, which is why it is important to have a trusted online strategy that works for you.

Take Advantage Of Instagram Tools

One of the most effective tools to use through your Instagram business account is an Instagram bot tool. This tool is built using an AI system that can carry out activities on your account like following, unfollowing, liking, commenting, watching stories etc. This allows you to target accounts you want to engage with, and let the bot do the work for you. A tool like this gives you time to focus on other strategies, whilst it boosts your reciprocal engagement.

More Transparency

Consumers like when a business is transparent and relatable. You can show your transparency through your Instagram account by documenting behind the scenes, show your staff, live Q&A’s etc. on your stories. It makes your brand seem more “human” and people will often be more drawn to that side of you. It also gives you the opportunity to show your followers how passionate you are about what you do, as well as your skills and expertise within your field.


It is vital to understand the ways in which digital marketing impacts your business’s success. Social media especially, offers you multiple platforms to be creative and unique where you can show your following/customers exactly what it is that you have to offer. Instagram is a platform that holds an endless list of opportunities and opportunities for businesses, regardless of their size. You can engage and communicate with your customers in order to build that solid B2C relationship without costly expenses or time-consuming activities.