Why Your Company Must Make Use of Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

Why Your Company Must Make Use of Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

LLM Handling is a handling equipment supplier with an impressive range of products that are designed to assist those in the heavy loads industries. Naturally, when lifting anything at work, and at home, it is important to lift properly and not attempt to carry a load that is too heavy or not the ideal shape to be lifted without chance of injury.   This is especially true for those working in the heavy lifting industry. In order to keep your employees safe and aid them in their duties, you should make use of mobile scissor lift tables.

Chair in the centre of a large warehouse where mobile scissor lift tables are used for manoeuvring goods

What Are Mobile Scissor Lift Tables?

Scissor lift tables provide an essential solution to lifting and moving heavy or large materials within the work place. Mobile scissor lift tables come with wheels and are extendable making it easy for the user to manoeuvre large or heavy items to high up places. These are particularly important to have in workspaces such as warehouses where storage shelves can reach soaring heights. Of course there are various sizes of mobile scissor lift tables and versions that can carry heavier, or lighter loads. It is important to understand first of all the requirements for lifting and loading before shopping for equipment. It is also beneficial to use a company that is well known for its reliable and durable products. You can get both manual and electric scissor lift tables.

LLM Handling

This UK business was established to provide a brand that is recognised worldwide as a go to for all handling equipment. Safety is so important, which is why many business owners in the handling industries can end up spending thousands of pounds trying to locate the perfect product that is suitable for their specific business requirements while lasting for many years without premature faults developing. Everything supplied by LLM Handling is reinforced in strength with compact designs that make use of high quality components.

Birdseye view of large loading area with mobile scissor lift tables parked next to storage containers

Mobile Scissor Lift Tables by LLM Handling

LLM Handling offer a broad range of these handy tools that come in various ranges, for example the comprehensive hydraulic scissor lift table range that includes manual foot pump and electric lifting aids. There are also options for single, double or single scissor lifts tables as well as options of different maximum loads. The light duty range offers 150kg and the heavy duty can hold up to 1250kg. Alternatively there is a specialised Economy Range that offers the JCB Site Master lifting trolley that offers manual lifting between 200kb and 800kg.